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Treatment Services Solicitation Fiscal Year 2022

                                                TREATMENT SERVICES VENDOR INFORMATION - FISCAL YEAR 2022
                                                    **IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY**

Effective July 1, 2021, the solicitation for Fiscal Year 2022, for services rendered October 1, 2021, through September 30, 2022, blanket purchase agreements for treatment services in the Western District of Arkansas is open.

The Western District of Arkansas encompasses geographic regions in Western Arkansas including Mountain Home, Harrison, Bentonville, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Clarksville, Hot Springs, Mena, El Dorado, and Texarkana.

All documents necessary for submission of an Offer on a Request for Proposal (RFP) must be OBTAINED AND PRINTED from the links below.

You may locate the required documents specific to each individual catchment area and service type under the heading FY2022 Request for Proposal below. Section A provides your specific solicitation number, and the corresponding Section B provides the service project codes on which to bid. Click on the catchment area and service type to complete and print the required Section A & B documents you MUST submit with your offer. Please be sure to select the correct catchment area and service type for which you wish to make an offer.

                                                                        Please read ALL sections of the RFP.

NOTE: Offerors are not required to submit copies of Sections C, D, E, F, G, H, and I with their offer (See Page L-2, Proposal Submission). Section L outlines the instructions and conditions for submission of proposals.

If you have questions regarding submission of your Offer, please e-mail Contracting Specialist Sarah Luginbuhl at All questions and answers will be posted on this web site, historical frequently asked questions are available below.

For all offers, one (1) original hard copy, with ink signature, must be received no later than 5:00 p.m., Thursday, August 5, 2021, at 30 S. 6th Street, Room 1060, Fort Smith, Arkansas, 72901. Offers received after the deadline cannot be considered pursuant to federal contracting rules. All copies must be originally signed. A copy of the BPA Clauses and Terms of Agreement should be retained by the offeror for their files.

All offers may be mailed, or hand delivered to the Procurement Specialist, no emailed offers will be accepted. It is not required to submit proposals in binders or notebooks.

Offers may be hand delivered or mailed using USPS, FedEx, or UPS, addressing delivery to:

                                                Mrs. Sarah Luginbuhl
                                                Procurement Specialist
                                                **Treatment Services Offer**
                                                30 South 6th Street
                                                Room 1060
                                                Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901
The RFP contains the full text of all applicable Government regulations, and all offerors are subject to the provisions contained in the RFP. In responding to the RFP, you should answer fully each item and supply all information requested. Section L provides specific directions for potential vendors in completing their proposals. The minimum standards for the services listed are contained in the Clauses and Terms of Agreement, and all proposals will be evaluated by the criterion laid out in Section M.

Proposals will be awarded based on initial offers submitted, and each initial offer should contain your organization’s best terms from a cost and technical standpoint. There will be no additional opportunity to modify your proposal.

Please read the RFP carefully; do not rely on knowledge of previous RFPs or knowledge of previous Federal procurement procedures.

The estimated monthly quantity (EMQ) listed in Section B of the RFP is the estimate of the services to be provided during the term of this agreement, these are only estimates.

Although the Government may choose to enter into a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with multiple vendors, the Government reserves the right to award to a single vendor.

The term for this BPA is twelve (12) months, with a provision that shall allow the Government to unilaterally extend the agreement for an additional two (2) years, at two (2) twelve (12)-month intervals, at the Government’s discretion.

A vendor must be capable of providing all services identified in Section B, and within the geographic area identified in Section B. Please indicate the address where services will be provided in the Background Statement of your proposal. In addition, the vendor must be capable of submitting the monthly invoice for services in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. The Government will provide a copy of the invoice format to the vendor.

                                                                       FY2022 Request for Proposal

The RFP is emailed to all potential vendors through the Microsoft Forms system by selecting an RFP number below:

  • 0861-22-0001 – Fayetteville Substance Abuse and Mental Health Outpatient Services
  • 0861-22-0004 – Fayetteville Sex Offender Outpatient Services
  • 0861-22-0005 – Hot Springs Sex Offender Outpatient Services

Please email Sarah Luginbuhl if your organization is interested in discussing other services, and in other regions, other than those listed above. Our office utilizes competitive and non-competitive agreements to meet client treatment needs.

                                                           Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do substance abuse counselors need to be state certified, or can they be in the process of acquiring certification at the time the RFP is submitted?

According to the Statement of Work, Section C: Counselors shall be certified and or have credentials to engage in substance abuse treatment intervention as established by his/her state's regulatory board and/or accrediting agency. Counselors In Training (CIT) may participate in treatment sessions under the direct and present supervision of a licensed counselor.

Are the Co-occurring codes under the Substance abuse BPA?

The co-occurring project codes, 6015-Individual, 6026-group and 6036-family are now under the Mental Health services.

On a typical day, how many clients are enrolled in services?

Estimated monthly quantities (EMQ) are meant to provide the vendor with the approximate number of units a vendor can anticipate providing per month for each project code. The quantity of clients requiring services is heavily impacted by government prosecution, imprisonment release dates, and geographical trends impacting substance abuse. Please note, this number represents individuals receiving a variety of services, not specifically counseling services. Please refer to the EMQ's listed for each project code for an approximate number.

Does the probation office dictate treatment services or does the professional staff decide how much treatment a client receives?

Yes, the probation office dictates and controls the type and frequency for all treatment services and orders the services to be provided utilizing the form 45. Only those services listed on the form 45 can be provided by the vendor. Having said that, we work in collaboration with the vendor and involve counselors in the development of an appropriate treatment plan based on client identified need. All services are tailored to the client’s need.

Can the offers be walked in, or hand delivered?

Yes, please make the recipient aware the item delivered is an offer, so it is not opened, and Sarah Luginbuhl is notified. It is recommended the use of tracking or priority service if mailing your offer; mailed offers must be received by the deadline (not post marked.)

The offeror is not required to submit solicitation sections C, D, E, F, G, H, and I as part of its proposal”. What does solicitation mean exactly?

Solicitation means a request for proposals. This statement is saying you do not have to print out these sections and submit them with your proposal. Each offeror shall prepare and submit as part of its offer a Narrative Statement in which the offeror describes how it will provide the mandatory requirements stated in Sections C, E, F and G. Please see Section K, Paragraph 1.

If the codes are now under the Mental health BPA, why are they listed in this contract in Section C?

Please note, section C contains all project codes. Section B outlines the one specific to your catchment area/BPA.

Is it necessary to type Section H and I in the proposal or can we just copy the pages and put in our bid?

As outlined in Section L under Proposal Submission "Note: The offeror is not required to submit solicitation sections C, D, E, F, G, H, and I as part of its proposal."

Is the service delivered in a residential setting or in my office?

Service needs to be delivered within the catchment area. A site visit will be conducted to ensure all local, state, and federal rules are followed.

Do you have this solicitation, or at least the forms to be completed in Word?

No, these forms are only generated and distributed in a PDF format.

                                                           Potential Vendor Submitted Questions and Answers

These questions were submitted by potential vendor’s during the solicitation period and answered publicly for all potential vendors to review.